Adventures of Rock Savage

A Simple Job - Scene 1
Father, Samantha, and a one-legged Warforge

In the Scene:
Rock Savage
Granite Savage
Samantha Stone

Morgave University. Much of my misspent youth was spent there. Granite, my father, ratted around many of the archives learning everything he could about Xen’Drik. I have never seen someone so interested in a place and so adverse to visiting. I fell in love with the place the first time I ever visited there with my father on expedition. He has been twice, I have been ten, mostly on fact finding tours for some of my father’s theories.

He is onto some new idea and sent word via a House Sivis messenger. When I arrived, Samanatha was there as well. We had a fling once. She wanted more, but I do not like long entanglements. She got her “piece of the Rock” and should be happy with it.

“Ah, there you are Rock! Come see what I have here!” Father pulled a sheet off a large object in his study – it was a rather beat up Warforged. Part of its lower left leg was missing, replaced by a steel peg leg. Although the warforged was “naked”, I did see a large set of clothes behind him – lets just say they were right out of a pirate story.

“Its it inert?”

“No, it is just in a down cycle. It is easier for me to study him. I see you noticed his leg. The curious thing is that the missing portion of his leg is a deformity, and not an injury from the War or from industrial accident.”

“Deformed? I have never heard of such a thing in warfored. Where did you find him?” I asked. I severed a number of years in the War and was familiar with these sentient mechanical men.

“Deep in this tower, actually. Nearly down to the Cogs level. He does odd jobs as his physical abilities allow, and spends his coin in rather flamboyant ways,” said Father, motioning to the clothes. "Someone dubbed him “Pirate” because of the peg leg, and he took whole heartedly to the concept. Although, as far as he will admit, he never has set foot on a ship."

“What are you studying about him?” I asked, looking the warforged over.

“We have an arrangement. He lets me study him, and I will try to fix his deformity. You see here?” Father squatted down and indicated odd coloring of the living wood near the stump. “This stump should not have formed in the Creation Forge. He was a later run model when all the kinks, so to speak, should have been ironed out. This indicates to me that House Cannith is not as knowledgeable about their creations as they let on. I suspect you know why.”

“Yes, yes, I know your position. That House Cannith just did not find technology in Xen’Drik that allowed for the Warforged to be created. You think they found the whole process and simply recreated what they found.” There are others with the same theory. House Cannith pumps a lot of coin to researchers to disproved and discredit researchers that hold this position. This only emboldens those like my Father to keep digging.

“This is all nice, what do you need more for?”

Father stood back up and faced me. “I found a man that used to work in the Creation Forge at the time Pirate was created. Pirate actually knows him, as this guy was assigned to dispose of the deformed creations. However, the guy started to loose heart in doing this. He began to see the warforge as any other crippled being. He created a secret program to help them, only destroying those that were basically non-functional anyway. When the War ended, he lost his job and now works in the Cogs. He still helps out where he can, and he is away from the prying eyes of House Cannith. I need you to deliver a package to him, and he will give you one in return.”


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